Related Datasets

This page lists datasets related to topics of this workshop. If you want to include a dataset that is not in the list please let us know.

NameDescriptionURL or Contact
GeorgiaTech Egocentric Activities (GTEA) This dataset contains 7 types of daily activities, each performed by 4 different subjects. The camera is mounted on a cap worn by the subject. Link
First-Person Social Interactions Dataset This dataset contains day-long videos of 8 subjects spending their day at Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. The cameras are mounted on a cap worn by subjects. Elan annotations for number of active participants in the scene, and the type of activity: walking, waiting, gathering, sitting, buying something, eating, etc. Link
EGO-GROUP This social group detector dataset for egocentric vision, which consists of 18 videos collected in different situations: a laboratory, a coffee break, a conference room, an outdoor scenario. Link
JPL First-Person Interaction dataset This dataset is composed of human activity videos taken from a first-person viewpoint. The dataset particularly aims to provide first-person videos of interaction-level activities, recording how things visually look from the perspective (i.e., viewpoint) of a person/robot participating in such physical interactions. Link
EGO-HPE EGO-HPE dataset provides a set of egocentric video a with different subjects for head pose estimation. Each video is annotated at frame level for five yaw angle orientations(-75, -45, 0, 45, 75) with respect to the subject wearing the camera. Link
ADL We have collected a dataset of 1 million frames of dozens of people performing unscripted, everyday activities. The dataset is annotated with activities, object tracks, hand positions, and interaction events. Link
Zoombie Dataset This dataset consists of three ego-centric videos containing indoor and outdoor scenes where hands are purposefully extended outwards to capture the change in skin color. Link
Interactive Museum dataset A gesture recognition dataset taken from the ego-centric perspective in a virtual museum environment. Five different users perform seven hand gestures. Link
Intel Egocentric Object dataset This is a dataset for the recognition of handled objects using a wearable camera. It includes ten video sequences from two human subjects manipulating 42 everyday object instances. Link
GTEA Gaze+ Dataset This dataset consists of seven meal-preparation activities collected using eye-tracking glasses, each performed by 10 subjects. Subjects perform the activities based on the given cooking recipes. Link
Huji EgoSeg Dataset This dataset consists of 29 videos captured from an ego-centric camera annotated in Elan format. The videos prefixed with "youtube*" were downloaded from YouTube, the rest of the videos were taken by Hebrew University of Jerusalem researchers and contain various daily activities. Link
UT Ego Dataset UT Ego Dataset contains 4 videos captured from head-mounted cameras. Each video is about 3-5 hours long, captured in a natural, uncontrolled setting.  They used the Looxcie wearable camera, which captures video at 15 fps at 320 x 480 resolution. The videos capture a variety of daily activities. Link