ICDSC '14- Proceedings of the International Conference on Distributed Smart Cameras

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SESSION: Oral Sessions

Recursive Low-rank and Sparse Recovery of Surveillance Video using Compressed Sensing

Multi-camera Pedestrian Tracking using Group Structure

Reconstruction of the Pose of Uncalibrated Cameras via User-Generated Videos

Distributed Human Action Recognition via 2D Conditional Random Field

Analysis of Multi-planar Probability Maps for People Localization in Overlapping Camera Systems

The costs of fusion in smart camera networks

Wide-area Multi-camera Multi-object Tracking with Dynamic Task Decomposition

Sparse Matching of Random Patches for Person Re-Identification

Person Re-identification Based on Human Body Parts Signature

Matching People across Camera Views using Kernel Canonical Correlation Analysis

Mobile Re-Identification Based on Local Features Analysis

A QVGA Vision Sensor with Multi-functional Pixels for Focal-Plane Programmable Obfuscation

Learning Contours for Automatic Annotations of Mountains Pictures on a Smartphone

Energy Efficient Tracking by Dynamic Voltage and Frequency Scaling on Android Smart Phones

Reducing Processing Delay in Dataflow-oriented Middleware Systems for Smart Camera Applications

Self-Coordinated Target Assignment and Camera Handoff in Distributed Network of Embedded Smart Cameras

A Negotiation Protocol with Conditional Offers for Camera Handoffs

Real-time reconfiguration of PTZ camera networks using motion field entropy and visual coverage

Reinforcement Learning for Coverage Optimization Through PTZ Camera Alignment in Highly Dynamic Environments

Human Activity Recognition in Images using SVMs and Geodesics on Smooth Manifolds

Efficient GPU Photo Hull Reconstruction for Surveillance

A Mosaic Approach to Touchless Fingerprint Image with Multiple Views

Efficient and Precise Multi-Camera Reconstruction

POSTER SESSION: Poster Session

dMap: A Low-Cost Distributed Mapping Concept for Future Road Asset Management

Multimodal feedback fusion of laser, image and temporal information

Vehicle Retrieval and Trajectory Inference in Urban Traffic Surveillance Scene

Recovery of Temporal Synchronization Error through Online 3D Tracking with Two Cameras

Average Track Estimation of Moving Objects Using RANSAC and DTW

A Real Time 3D Sensor for Smart Cameras

An adaptive parallel background model for high-throughput video applications and smart cameras embedding

Foreground Detection Optimization for SoCs embedded on Smart Cameras

Energy Driven Selection and Hardware Implementation of Bi-Level Image Compression

Hybrid Resolution Based Video Foreground Detection

SESSION: Special Session

Behavior Analysis for Aging-in-Place using Similarity Heatmaps

Real-World Re-Identification in an Airport Camera Network

Evidence Reasoning for Event Inference in Smart Transport Video Surveillance

Employing Particle Filters on Riemannian Manifolds for Online Domain-Shift Object Learning and Occlusion Handling

Scalable Decision-Theoretic Coordination and Control for Real-time Active Multi-Camera Surveillance

Single Object Long-term Tracker for Smart Control of a PTZ camera

Privacy-protecting Smart Cameras


Demo: SRAM FPGA based Wireless Smart Camera: SENTIOF-CAM

Demo: A Prototype Vision Sensor for Real-time Focal-plane Obfuscation through Tunable Pixelation

Demo: Demonstrating Autonomous Handover in Heterogeneous Multi-camera Systems

Demo: VSNsim - A Simulator for Control and Coordination in Visual Sensor Networks

Demo: TrustEYE.M4 -- A novel Platform for Secure Visual Sensor Network Applications

Demo: Enabling Image Analysis Tasks in Visual Sensor Networks

SESSION: PHD Forum Session

PhD Forum: Analyzing Behaviors Patterns of the Elderly from Low-precision Trajectories

PhD Forum: Sensor Fusion for Outdoors Augmented Reality on Android

PhD Forum: Dynamic Camera Positioning and Reconfiguration for Multi Camera Networks