The Workshop on Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence for Human Behaviour Analysis (PRAI*HBA) will take place in Reggio Emilia (Italy) on December 12, 2009, following the AI*IA 2009: International Conference (9-11 December 2009)

The conference and all the workshops will be hosted in the new building of the Department of Social, Cognitive and Quantitative Sciences and of the Faculty of Communication and Economics, located in the centre of Reggio Emilia

Call for Paper

Pattern Recognition (PR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) scientific communities have tried to join their efforts and share knowledge in order to obtain more effective solutions for many different research areas. However, although the techniques and approaches are somewhat similar, the two communities often tackle problems from rather different perspectives.

Among these research areas, Human Behaviour Analysis (HBA) has recently become a very popular topic in computer science, because of its relevance in many surveillance applications. For instance, with the increasing use of cameras for video surveillance, it is getting almost unfeasible for security personnel to monitor scenes or to watch recorded videos looking for a particular event or visual item. Automatic interpretation of actions, gestures, and interactions among people as well as automatic situation recognition and assessment would be extremely useful. Actually, methods for Human Behaviour Analysis have this specific aim and they are attracting more and more researchers and ICT industries. Nevertheless, the recognition and interpretation of human behaviour is still a challenging problem.

Given these premises, this workshop is meant to bring together researchers which address the problem of HBA from the PR and/or the AI perspective. Hopefully, this workshop will be the first of a long series of events in which these two communities actively work together to achieve effective and efficient solutions to complex tasks in HBA related fields.