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SVA dataset


In order to collect data, we exploit Script Hook V library synthetic_scripthook, which allows to use Grand Theft Auto V (GTAV) video game native functions.
We develop a framework in which the game camera automatically toggle between frontal and bird-eye view at each game time step: in this way we are able to gather information about the spatial occupancy of the vehicles in the scene from both views (bounding boxes, distances, yaw rotations).
We associate vehicles information across the two views by querying the game engine for entity IDs. 


To download the dataset, we require an email address where we'll send a download link to. This will help us to keep in touch in case errors are found or as updates become available.

We believe in open research and we are happy if you find this data useful. If you use it, please cite our work.

Palazzi, Andrea; Borghi, Guido; Abati, Davide; Calderara, Simone; Cucchiara, Rita "Learning to Map Vehicles into Bird's Eye View" Proceedings of the 19th International Conference on Image Analysis and Processing, Catania, 11-15 september 2017, 2017 



Code for replicating paper results is available here.


We sincerely thank all the people who participated to the experiments that led to the creation of this dataset.