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Authentication System for Low-Light-Level Environments

Priority Number: 102018000008237

Inventors: Guido Borghi, Stefano Pini, Filippo Grazioli, Roberto Vezzani, Rita Cucchiara


  • face Identification

  • Biometric Identification

  • Depth Maps

  • Infrared Sensors


We are patenting an authentication system for low-light-level environments.
Input images are then sent to an embedded platform (like Nvidia Jetson), equipped with a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), able to provide after a few tens of milliseconds the output of the system, i.e. a continuous value indicating the belonging of the subject to one of the identities previously registered in the system.
The use of images from depth sensors makes it possible to obtain a functioning system even in the absence or partial presence of light sources, as well as to satisfy constraints regarding the maintenance of user privacy.


  • Working in low-light-level environments

  • High-level performance

  • Real-Time processing

  • Low hardware and energy consumption requirements