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Dott. Chiara Conte

Dott. Chiara Conte

Position at AImageLab:

Dipartimento di Ingegneria Enzo Ferrari, Modena, Italy

Chiara Conte

Bachelor's Degree in Sociology at the University of Bologna and Master's Degree in Management and Business Communication at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia.
I worked for seven years in a Company of Modena operating in events, welcome crews and web design in the role of event planner and team coordinator.
At AImageLab I deal with:
- Laboratory secretariat (front and back office);
- Contacts with stakeholders;
- Institutional and media relationship;
- Business communication;
- Event organization;
- Project management.

Positivity, enthusiasm, flexibility, listening, availability, perseverance and empathy make me a good team player.

Research Projects

Research Activities