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 Roberto Amoroso

Roberto Amoroso



Position at AImageLab:

PhD Student
Dipartimento d'Ingegneria "Enzo Ferrari", Modena Italy





Roberto Amoroso

My name is Roberto Amoroso. I am an ELLIS PhD student of the International Doctorate in ICT at the AImageLab research group of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, under the supervision of Prof. Rita Cucchiara and Prof. Lorenzo Baraldi. I am involved in the study and development of novel Computer Vision and Deep Learning techniques. Before joining AImageLab, I was Research Scholar at the Networking Research Group in Saint Louis, USA, working on Super-resolution techniques applied to Internet traffic matrices.

My primary research focus is on Semantic Image Segmentation, which includes multimodal machine learning approaches for learning new semantic concepts from textual information, aka Open-vocabulary Segmentation. In addition, I have also conducted research on the optimization of Transformer-based architecture for image classification.

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Research Projects

Research Activities


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