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 Gianpaolo Bontempo

Gianpaolo Bontempo

Position at AImageLab:

PhD Student
Dipartimento di Ingegneria "Enzo Ferrari"



Gianpaolo Bontempo

As a dedicated researcher in medical image analysis, my work focuses on two crucial areas: Multi-Instance Learning (MIL) for Whole Slide Image (WSI) classification and Neuro-Symbolic Continual Learning for high-level concept mapping and consistent reasoning.

In the realm of MIL, I have developed a groundbreaking graph-based multi-scale MIL approach known as DAS-MIL. By leveraging self-supervised feature extraction, graph-based architecture, and distillation loss, DAS-MIL overcomes the challenges associated with the pixel-level annotation of gigapixel-sized WSIs. Through extensive experimentation on well-known datasets, my approach has achieved exceptional performance, surpassing state-of-the-art methods.

Furthermore, my research has delved into Neuro-Symbolic Continual Learning, an innovative approach that tackles a sequence of neuro-symbolic tasks by integrating prior knowledge and maintaining reasoning consistency. By effectively leveraging prior knowledge and preserving high-quality concepts over time, COOL has proven its worth in sustained high performance on neuro-symbolic continual learning tasks where other approaches fall short. 

Research Projects

Research Activities


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