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Video Streaming for Mobile Video Surveillance

Abstract: Mobile video surveillance represents a new paradigm that encompasses, on the one side, ubiquitous video acquisition and, on the other side, ubiquitous video processing and viewing, addressing both computer-based and human-based surveillance. To this aim, systems must provide efficient video streaming with low latency and low frame skipping, even over limited bandwidth networks. This work presents MoSES (MObile Streaming for vidEo Surveillance), an effective system for mobile video surveillance for both PC and PDA clients; it relies over H.264/AVC video coding and GPRS/EDGE-GPRS network. Adaptive control algorithms are employed to achieve the best tradeoff between low latency and good video fluidity. MoSES provides a good-quality video streaming that is used as input to computer-based video surveillance applications for people segmentation and tracking. In this paper new and general-purpose methodologies for streaming performance evaluation are also proposed and used to compare MoSES with existing solutions in terms of different parameters (latency, image quality, video fluidity, and frame losses), as well as in terms of performance in people segmentation and tracking.


Gualdi, Giovanni; A., Prati; Cucchiara, Rita "Video Streaming for Mobile Video Surveillance" IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON MULTIMEDIA, vol. 10, pp. 1142 -1154 , 2008 DOI: 10.1109/TMM.2008.2001378

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