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Low-latency Live Video Streaming over Low-Capacity Networks

Abstract: This paper presents an effective system for streaming over low-capacity networks (such as GPRS and EGPRS) of live videos with low latency. Existing solutions are either too complex or not suitable to our scope. For this reason, we developed a complete, ready-to-use streaming system based on H.264/AVC codec and UDP/IP stack. The system employs adaptive controls to achieve the best tradeoff between low latency and good video fluency, by keeping the UDP buffer occupancy at the decoder side between two given levels. Our experiments demonstrate that this system is able to transmit live videos at CIF format and 10 fps over GPRS/EGPRS with very low latency (1.73 sec on average, basically due to the network delay), good fluency and average quality, measured with PSNR, of 31 dB on GPRS at 23 kbps at 10 fps.


Gualdi, Giovanni; Cucchiara, Rita; Prati, Andrea "Low-latency Live Video Streaming over Low-Capacity Networks" Proceedings of ISM 2006, San Diego, CA (USA), pp. 449 -456 , 11-13 December 2006, 2006 DOI: 10.1109/ISM.2006.102

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