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MPEG-7 Pictorially Enriched Ontologies for Video Annotation

Abstract: A system for the automatic creation of Pictorially Enriched Ontologies is presented, that is ontologies for context-based video digital libraries, enriched by pictorial concepts for video annotation, summarization and similarity-based retrieval. Extraction of pictorial concepts with video clips clustering, ontology storing with MPEG-7, and the use of the ontology for stored video annotation are described. Re-sults on sport videos and TRECVID2005 video material are reported.


Grana, Costantino; Vezzani, Roberto; Bulgarelli, Daniele; Cucchiara, Rita "MPEG-7 Pictorially Enriched Ontologies for Video Annotation" Atti della Seconda Conferenza Italiana sui Sistemi Intelligenti, Ancona, Italy, pp. - -- , Sep 27-29, 2006

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