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Semantic adaptation of sport videos with user-centred performance analysis

Abstract: In semantic video adaptation measures of performance must consider the impact of the errors in the automatic annotation over the adaptation in relationship with the preferences and expectations of the user. In this paper, we define two new performance measures Viewing Quality Loss and Bit-rate Cost Increase, that are obtained from classical peak signal-to-noise ration (PSNR) and bit rate, and relate the results of semantic adaptation to the errors in the annotation of events and objects and the user's preferences and expectations. We present and discuss results obtained with a system that performs automatic annotation of soccer sport video highlights and applies different coding strategies to different parts of the video according to their relative importance for the end user. With reference to this framework, we analyze how highlights' statistics and the errors of the annotation engine influence the performance of semantic adaptation and reflect into the quality of the video displayed at the user's client and the increase of transmission costs.


M., Bertini; Cucchiara, Rita; A., DEL BIMBO; Prati, Andrea "Semantic adaptation of sport videos with user-centred performance analysis" IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON MULTIMEDIA, vol. 8, pp. 433 -443 , 2006 DOI: 10.1109/TMM.2006.870762

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