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Sub-Shot Summarization for MPEG-7 based Fast Browsing

Abstract: In this paper, we propose a system for automatic video summarization at sub-shot level. Our work covers two main aspects: the first is the sub-shot detection, which is performed without a priori constraints on the number or length of the shots. The algorithm is based on color histograms and motion features, and employs fuzzy c-means with variable number of clusters. The second aspect is an in depth discussion on the annotation of summaries with the MPEG-7 standard. Results on mixed genres TV material, from TRECVID videos, are reported.


Grana, Costantino; Cucchiara, Rita "Sub-Shot Summarization for MPEG-7 based Fast Browsing" Proceedings of the Second Italian Research Conference on Digital Library Management Systems, Padova, pp. - -- , Jan 27, 2006

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