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The LAICA project: Experiments on Multicamera People Tracking and Logging

Abstract: Logging information on moving objects is crucial in video surveillance systems. Distributed multi-camera systems can provide the appearance of objects/people from differentviewpoints and at different resolutions, allowing a more complete and precise logging of the information. This is achieved through consistent labeling to correlate collected information of the same person. This paper proposes a novel approach to consistent labeling also capable tofully characterize groups of people and to manage miss segmentations. The ground-plane homography and the epipolar geometry are automatically learned and exploited to warp objects’ principal axes between overlapped cameras. A MAP estimator that exploits two contributions (forward and backward) is used to choose the most probable label con£guration to be assigned at the handoff of a new object. Extensive experiments demonstrate the accuracy of the proposed method in detecting single and simultaneous handoffs, miss segmentations, and groups.


Calderara, Simone; Cucchiara, Rita; Prati, Andrea "The LAICA project: Experiments on Multicamera People Tracking and Logging" Atti di CISI 2006, Ancona, Italy, pp. - -- , 27-29 September 2006, 2006

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