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Adaptation and Annotation of Formula 1 Sport Videos

Abstract: In this paper, we approach the problem of detecting editing features suitable for video annotation, by paying attention to artifacts and effects introduced in video editing. In particular, a linear transition detection algorithm is presented, which can characterize the transition center and length with high precision. The technique works with sub-frame granularity and is able to include both abrupt cuts and longer dissolves in a single approach. Theoretical justification for the algorithm is provided with an optimization technique for real cases. We present results obtained exploiting the editing features on a Formula 1 video digital library, detecting replays and providing pre classification hints for automatic shot annotation.


Grana, Costantino; Tardini, Giovanni; Cucchiara, Rita "Adaptation and Annotation of Formula 1 Sport Videos" Post-proceedings of the First Italian Research Conference on Digital Library Management Systems, Padova, pp. 85 -90 , Jan 28, 2005

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