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Miniature illustrations retrieval and innovative interaction for digital illuminated manuscripts

Abstract: In this paper we propose a multimedia solution for the interactive exploration of illuminated manuscripts. We leveraged on the joint exploitation of content-based image retrieval and relevance feedback to provide an effective mechanism to navigate through the manuscript and add custom knowledge in the form of tags. The similarity retrieval between miniature illustrations is based on covariance descriptors, integrating color, spatial and gradient information. The proposed relevance feedback technique, namely Query Remapping Feature Space Warping, accounts for the user’s opinions by accordingly warping the data points. This is obtained by means of a remapping strategy (from the Riemannian space where covariance matrices lie, referring back to Euclidean space) useful to boost the retrieval performance. Experiments are reported to show the quality of the proposal. Moreover, the complete prototype with user interaction, as already showcased at museums and exhibitions, is presented.


Borghesani, Daniele; Grana, Costantino; Cucchiara, Rita "Miniature illustrations retrieval and innovative interaction for digital illuminated manuscripts" MULTIMEDIA SYSTEMS, vol. 20, pp. 65 -79 , 2014 DOI: 10.1007/s00530-013-0315-3

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