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Content-based Video Adaptation with User's Preference

Abstract: In this papes we present an integrated system that hasbeen designed to support automatic semantic extraction ofhighlights in sports video and automatic video adaptationaccording to user’s preferences. To analyze the user’s satisfaction, we propose a new performance measure that explicitly takes into account the user’s preferences and considers the number and type of errors produced by the annotation engine and the way in which these errors affectthe compressed video quality and bandwidth allocation. Weprovide experimental results with application to soccer andswimming.


M., Bertini; Cucchiara, Rita; A., DEL BIMBO; Prati, Andrea "Content-based Video Adaptation with User's Preference" Proceedings of ICME 2004, vol. 3, Taipei, twn, pp. 1695 -1698 , 27-30 June 2004, 2004 DOI: 10.1109/ICME.2004.1394579

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