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Semantic Annotation and Transcoding for Sport Videos

Abstract: Telecommunication companies are demonstrating interestin providing mobile video services. The availability of largerbandwidth, and the improvements in terms of resolution ofthe displays of third generation mobile phones, let telecomand content provider companies to provide new services totheir customers. Among these services users can watch acertain number of sport videos, usually a selection of thebest actions occurred during a play. In order to provide atimely and satisfying service to customers there is need oftools and systems that help to detect and recognize the interesting events, and optimize the use of bandwidth, coding these events and the most interesting objects within them at the best visual quality/bandwidth ratio.


M., Bertini; A., DEL BIMBO; Prati, Andrea; Cucchiara, Rita "Semantic Annotation and Transcoding for Sport Videos" Proceedings of WIAMIS 2004, Lisboa, Portugal, pp. - -- , 21-23 April 2004, 2004

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