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Performance analysis of MPEG-4 decoder and encoder

Abstract: In this paper, a performance analysis of MPEG-4 encoder and decoder programs on standard personal computer is presented. The paper first describes the MPEG-4 computational load and discusses related works, then outlines the performance analysis. Experimental results show that while the decoder program can be easily executed in real time, the encoder requires execution times in the order of seconds per frame which call for substantial optimisation to satisfy the real-time constraints.


F., Cavalli; Cucchiara, Rita; M., Piccardi; Prati, Andrea "Performance analysis of MPEG-4 decoder and encoder" Proceedings VIPromCom-2002, Zadar, Croazia, pp. 227 -231 , 16-19 June 2002, 2002 DOI: 10.1109/VIPROM.2002.1026660

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