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Exploiting Cache in Multimedia

Abstract: The paper explores cache strategies for multimedia. Although many architectural improvements have been designed for multimedia, the cache structure and the standard caching policies of general-purpose processors exhibit poor performance in exploiting the 2D spatial locality typical of programs handling and processing images. In this paper we propose a novel caching approach suitably tailored to the requirement of multimedia programs. Our proposal exploits hardware pre-fetching for allocating in cache blocks of data that satisfy the 2D spatial locality requirements. Results refer to a benchmark suite of multimedia program including MPEG decoding and image processing programs with different data dependency and access scheme to image data.


Cucchiara, Rita; M., Piccardi; Prati, Andrea "Exploiting Cache in Multimedia" IEEE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON MULTIMEDIA COMPUTING AND SYSTEMS, PROCEEDINGS VOL 1, vol. 1, FLORENCE, ITALY, pp. 345 -350 , JUN 07-11, 1999, 1999

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