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Real-time Detection of Moving Vehicles

Abstract: Computer vision-based traffic flow monitoring is of major importance for enforcing traffic management policies. Information such as the number of vehicles passing on a road per time unit, or vehicles' turning rates at intersections are exploited by traffic management policies to supervise traffic-light timings. Computer vision-based traffic flow monitoring requiresextraction of moving vehicles from traffic scenes in real time. To accomplish this task, efficient algorithms must be used and effective, low-cost hardware implementation must be pursued. This paper first describes the algorithms used in VTTS (Vehicular Traffic Tracking System) to achieve segmentation of moving vehicles. Then, hardware implementation on a re-programmable FPGA-based board is described in detail.


Cucchiara, Rita; M., Piccardi; Prati, Andrea; Scarabottolo, Nello "Real-time Detection of Moving Vehicles" Proceedings of International Conference on Image Analysis and Processing, Venice, Italy, pp. 618 -623 , 27-29 September 1999, 1999

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