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An Integrated Multi-Modal Sensor Network for Video Surveillance

Abstract: To enhance video surveillance systems, multi-modal sensorintegration can be a successful strategy. In this work, a computervision system able to detect and track people frommultiple cameras is integrated with a wireless sensor networkmounting PIR (Passive InfraRed) sensors. The twosubsystems are briefly described and possible cases in whichcomputer vision algorithms are likely to fail are discussed.Then, simple but reliable outputs from the PIR sensor nodesare exploited to improve the accuracy of the vision system.In particular, two case studies are reported: the first usesthe presence detection of PIR sensors to disambiguate betweenan opened door and a moving person, while the secondhandles motion direction changes during occlusions. Preliminaryresults are reported and demonstrate the usefulness ofthe integration of the two subsystems.


Prati, Andrea; Vezzani, Roberto; L., Benini; E., Farella; P., Zappi "An Integrated Multi-Modal Sensor Network for Video Surveillance" Proceedings of VSSN 2005, vol. 1, Singapore, pp. 95 -102 , 11 November 2005, 2005 DOI: 10.1145/1099396.1099415

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