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People reidentification in surveillance and forensics: a Survey

Abstract: The field of surveillance and forensics research is currently shifting focus and is now showing an ever increasing interest in the task of people reidentification. This is the task of assigning the same identifier to all instances of a particular individual captured in a series of images or videos, even after the occurrence of significant gaps over time or space. People reidentification can be a useful tool for people analysis in security as a data association method for long-term tracking in surveillance. However, current identification techniques being utilized present many difficulties and shortcomings. For instance, they rely solely on the exploitation of visual cues such as color, texture, and the object's shape. Despite the many advances in this field, reidentification is still an open problem. This survey aims to tackle all the issues and challenging aspects of people reidentification while simultaneously describing the previously proposed solutions for the encountered problems. This begins with the first attempts of holistic descriptors and progresses to the more recently adopted 2D and 3D model-based approaches. The survey also includes an exhaustive treatise of all the aspects of people reidentification, including available datasets, evaluation metrics, and benchmarking.


Vezzani, Roberto; Baltieri, Davide; Cucchiara, Rita "People reidentification in surveillance and forensics: a Survey" ACM COMPUTING SURVEYS, vol. 46, pp. 29:1 -29:37 , 2013 DOI: 10.1145/2543581.2543596

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