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An Indoor Location-aware System for an IoT-based Smart Museum

Abstract: The new technologies characterizing the Internet of Things (IoT) allow realizing real smart environments able to provide advanced services to the users. Recently, these smart environments are also being exploited to renovate the users' interest on the cultural heritage, by guaranteeing real interactive cultural experiences. In this paper, we design and validate an indoor location-aware architecture able to enhance the user experience in a museum. In particular, the proposed system relies on a wearable device that combines image recognition and localization capabilities to automatically provide the users with cultural contents related to the observed artworks. The localization information is obtained by a Bluetooth low energy (BLE) infrastructure installed in the museum. Moreover, the system interacts with the Cloud to store multimedia contents produced by the user and to share environment-generated events on his/her social networks. Finally, several location-aware services, running in the system, control the environment status also according to users' movements. These services interact with physical devices through a multiprotocol middleware. The system has been designed to be easily extensible to other IoT technologies and its effectiveness has been evaluated in the MUST museum, Lecce, Italy.


Alletto, Stefano; Cucchiara, Rita; Del Fiore, Giuseppe; Mainetti, Luca; Mighali, Vincenzo; Patrono, Luigi; Serra, Giuseppe "An Indoor Location-aware System for an IoT-based Smart Museum" IEEE INTERNET OF THINGS JOURNAL, vol. 3, pp. 244 -253 , 2016 DOI: 10.1109/JIOT.2015.2506258

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