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Integrate tool for online analysis and offline mining of people trajectories

Abstract: In the past literature, online alarm-based video-surveillance and offline forensic-based data mining systems are often treated separately, even from different scientific communities. However, the founding techniques are almost the same and, despite some examples in commercial systems, the cases on which an integrated approach is followed are limited. For this reason, this study describes an integrated tool capable of putting together these two subsystems in an effective way. Despite its generality, the proposal is here reported in the case of people trajectory analysis, both in real time and offline. Trajectories are modelled based on either their spatial location or their shape, and proper similarity measures are proposed. Special solutions to meet real-time requirements in both cases are also presented and the trade-off between efficiency and efficacy is analysed by comparing when using a statistical model and when not. Examples of results in large datasets acquired in the University campus are reported as preliminary evaluation of the system.


Calderara, Simone; Prati, Andrea; Cucchiara, Rita "Integrate tool for online analysis and offline mining of people trajectories" IET COMPUTER VISION, vol. 6, pp. 334 -347 , 2012 DOI: 10.1049/iet-cvi.2010.0143

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