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Optimized Connected Components Labeling with Pixel Prediction

Abstract: In this paper we propose a new paradigm for connected components labeling, which employs a general approach to minimize the number of memory accesses, by exploiting the information provided by already seen pixels, removing the need to check them again. The scan phase of our proposed algorithm is ruled by a forest of decision trees connected into a single graph. Every tree derives from a reduction of the complete optimal decision tree. Experimental results demonstrated that on low density images our method is slightly faster than the fastest conventional labeling algorithms.


Grana, Costantino; Baraldi, Lorenzo; Bolelli, Federico "Optimized Connected Components Labeling with Pixel Prediction" Advanced Concepts for Intelligent Vision Systems, vol. 10016, Lecce, Italy, pp. 431 -440 , Oct 24-27, 2016 DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-48680-2_38

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