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A location-aware architecture for an IoT-based smart museum

Abstract: The Internet of Things, whose main goal is to automatically predict users' desires, can find very interesting opportunities in the art and culture field, as the tourism is one of the main driving engines of the modern society. Currently, the innovation process in this field is growing at a slower pace, so the cultural heritage is a prerogative of a restricted category of users. To address this issue, a significant technological improvement is necessary in the culture-dedicated locations, which do not usually allow the installation of hardware infrastructures. In this paper, we design and validate a no-invasive indoor location-aware architecture able to enhance the user experience in a museum. The system relies on the user's smartphone and a wearable device (with image recognition and localization capabilities) to automatically deliver personalized cultural contents related to the observed artworks. The proposal was validated in the MUST museum in Lecce (Italy).


Fiore, Giuseppe Del; Mainetti, Luca; Mighali, Vincenzo; Patrono, Luigi; Alletto, Stefano; Cucchiara, Rita; Serra, Giuseppe "A location-aware architecture for an IoT-based smart museum" INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ELECTRONIC GOVERNMENT RESEARCH, vol. 12, pp. 39 -55 , 2016 DOI: 10.4018/IJEGR.2016040103

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