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Fast and Accurate Facial Landmark Localization in Depth Images for In-car Applications

Abstract: A correct and reliable localization of facial landmark enables several applications in many fields, ranging from Human Computer Interaction to video surveillance. For instance, it can provide a valuable input to monitor the driver physical state and attention level in automotive context. In this paper, we tackle the problem of facial landmark localization through a deep approach. The developed system runs in real time and, in particular, is more reliable than state-of-the-art competitors specially in presence of light changes and poor illumination, thanks to the use of depth images as input. We also collected and shared a new realistic dataset inside a car, called MotorMark, to train and test the system. In addition, we exploited the public Eurecom Kinect Face Dataset for the evaluation phase, achieving promising results both in terms of accuracy and computational speed.


Frigieri, Elia; Borghi, Guido; Vezzani, Roberto; Cucchiara, Rita "Fast and Accurate Facial Landmark Localization in Depth Images for In-car Applications" Proceedings of the 19th International Conference on Image Analysis and Processing, Catania, pp. 539 -549 , 11-15 september 2017, 2017 DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-68560-1_48

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