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A Video Library System Using Scene Detection and Automatic Tagging

Abstract: We present a novel video browsing and retrieval system for edited videos, in which videos are automatically decomposed into meaningful and storytelling parts (i.e. scenes) and tagged according to their transcript. The system relies on a Triplet Deep Neural Network which exploits multimodal features, and has been implemented as a set of extensions to the eXo Platform Enterprise Content Management System (ECMS). This set of extensions enable the interactive visualization of a video, its automatic and semi-automatic annotation, as well as a keyword-based search inside the video collection. The platform also allows a natural integration with third-party add-ons, so that automatic annotations can be exploited outside the proposed platform.


Baraldi, Lorenzo; Grana, Costantino; Cucchiara, Rita "A Video Library System Using Scene Detection and Automatic Tagging" Digital Libraries and Archives, vol. 733, Modena, January 26-27, 2017, 2017 DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-68130-6_5

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