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Optimizing GPU-Based Connected Components Labeling Algorithms

Abstract: Connected Components Labeling (CCL) is a fundamental image processing technique, widely used in various application areas. Computational throughput of Graphical Processing Units (GPUs) makes them eligible for such a kind of algorithms. In the last decade, many approaches to compute CCL on GPUs have been proposed. Unfortunately, most of them have focused on 4-way connectivity neglecting the importance of 8-way connectivity. This paper aims to extend state-of-the-art GPU-based algorithms from 4 to 8-way connectivity and to improve them with additional optimizations. Experimental results revealed the effectiveness of the proposed strategies.


Allegretti, Stefano; Bolelli, Federico; Cancilla, Michele; Grana, Costantino "Optimizing GPU-Based Connected Components Labeling Algorithms" 2018 IEEE International Conference on Image Processing, Applications and Systems (IPAS), Inria Sophia Antipolis, France, pp. 175 -180 , Dec 12-14, 2018 DOI: 10.1109/IPAS.2018.8708900

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