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Identification of Intruders in Groups of People using Cameras and RFIDs

Abstract: The identification of intruders in groups of people moving in wide open areas represents a challenging scenario where coordination between cameras can be certainly used but this solution is not enough. In this paper, we propose to go beyond pure vision-based approaches by integrating the use of distributed cameras with the RFID technology. To this end, we introduce a system that “maps” RFID tags to people detected by cameras by using sophisticated techniques to filter the singular modalities and an evidential fusion architecture, based on Transferable Belief Model, to combine the two sources of information and manage conflict between them. The conducted experimental evaluation shows very promising results, especially in treating groups of people.


Cucchiara, Rita; Fornaciari, Michele; Haider, Razia; Mandreoli, Federica; Prati, Andrea "Identification of Intruders in Groups of People using Cameras and RFIDs" Proceedings of ICDSC 2011, Ghent, bel, pp. 1 -6 , 22-25 August 2011, 2011 DOI: 10.1109/ICDSC.2011.6042909

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