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Joint ACM workshop on human gesture and behavior understanding (J-HGBU'11)

Abstract: The ability to understand social signals of a person we are communicating with is the core of social intelligence. Social Intelligence is a facet of human intelligence that has been argued to be indispensable and perhaps the most important for success in life. At the same time, human-centric multimedia applications for humans and about humans are becoming increasingly important. 3D modeled human-objects, like bodies, heads and faces are exploited for animation, security, and human computer interaction, while three dimensional motion of arms, legs and local body features is used for more complete human gesture, activity and behavior analysis. The Joint Human Gesture and Behavior Understanding (J-HGBU) workshop event consists of two parts focusing on these complementary challenges: the Workshop on Multimedia Access to 3D Human Objects (MA3HO'11) and the Workshop on Social Signal Processing (SSPW'11). © 2011 ACM.


Pantic, M.; Pentland, A.; Vinciarelli, A.; Cucchiara, R.; Daoudi, M.; Del Bimbo, A. "Joint ACM workshop on human gesture and behavior understanding (J-HGBU'11)" MM'11 - Proceedings of the 2011 ACM Multimedia Conference and Co-Located Workshops, Scottsdale, AZ, usa, pp. 615 -616 , 2011, 2011 DOI: 10.1145/2072298.2072392

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