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Eliciting visual primitives for detection of elongated shapes

Abstract: This paper deals with the problem of eliciting visual primitives for visual search with the aim of detecting 2D objects characterized, primarily, by an elongated shape. The paper proposes a new visual primitive obtained by combining in a suitable correlation, a basic set of standard local features. This primitive is able to synthesize the information associated with local features and, as a more effective ensemble of proprieties of the considered model, enhance detection. The paper discusses the approach, presents the new primitive and evaluates its robustness in the case of non-ideal and noisy images. Finally an application to the context of visual inspection is presented.


Cucchiara, R.; Piccardi, M. "Eliciting visual primitives for detection of elongated shapes" IMAGE AND VISION COMPUTING, vol. 17, pp. 347 -355 , 1999 DOI: 10.1016/S0262-8856(98)00128-0

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