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SARC3D: a new 3D body model for People Tracking and Re-identification

Abstract: We propose a new simplified 3D body model (called Sarc3D) for surveillance application, that can be created, updated and compared in rea-time.People are detected and tracked in each calibrated camera, and their silhouette, appearance, position and orientation are extracted and used to place, scale and orientate a 3D body model. Foreach vertex of the model a signature (color features, reliability and saliency) is computed from the 2D appearance images and exploited for mathing. This approach achieves robustness against partial occlusions, pose and viewpoint changes. The complete proposal and a full experimental evaluation is presented, using a new benchmark suite and the PETS2009 dataset.


Baltieri, Davide; Vezzani, Roberto; Cucchiara, Rita "SARC3D: a new 3D body model for People Tracking and Re-identification" Image Analysis and Processing – ICIAP 2011, LECTURE NOTES IN COMPUTER SCIENCE, vol. 6978, Ravenna, ita, pp. 197 -206 , Sept. 14-16, 2011 DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-24085-0_21

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