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Block processing on multiprocessor DSPs for multimedia applications

Abstract: The paper explores software development for multiprocessor DSPs for data parallel local algorithms. These algorithms are very common in multimedia applications, such as filtering, compression and so on. Multiprocessor DSPs are very attractive for this application since they offer performance typical of parallel machines together with limited cost. The paper provides performance analysis and software design issues according to different data partitioning models. As a case study, performance evaluation has been carried out on the Multimedia Video Processor from Texas Instrument.


Cucchiara, R; Callipo, A; Piccardi, M "Block processing on multiprocessor DSPs for multimedia applications" Proceedings of First Signal Processing Society Workshop on Multimedia Signal Processin, Princeton, pp. 439 -444 , 1997, 1997 DOI: 10.1109/MMSP.1997.602674

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