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Using Monolithic Classifiers On Multi-stage Pedestrian Detection

Abstract: Despite the many efforts in finding effective feature sets or accurate classifiers for people detection, few works have addressed ways for reducing the computational burden introducedby the sliding window paradigm. This paper proposes a multi-stage procedure for refining the search for pedestrians using the HOG features and the monolithic SVM classifier. The multi-stage procedure is based on particle-based estimation of pdfs and exploits the margin provided by the classifier to draw more particles on the areas where the classifier’s response is higher. This iterative algorithm achieves the same accuracy than sliding window using less particles (and thus being more efficient) and, conversely, is more accurate when configured to work at thesame computational load. Experimental results on publicly available datasets demonstrate that this method, previouslyproposed for boosted classifiers only, can be successfully applied to monolithic classifiers.


Gualdi, Giovanni; Prati, Andrea; Cucchiara, Rita "Using Monolithic Classifiers On Multi-stage Pedestrian Detection" Proceedings of AVSS 2011, Klagenfurt, Austria, pp. 267 -272 , August 30 – September 2, 2011, 2011

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