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Parallel vision subsystem for robotic inspection and manipulation

Abstract: The paper describes an SIMD massively parallel computer conceived for robot vision, and presents an application where the system is installed on a mobile robot to support inspection and manipulation tasks. The system consists of a scalable array of up to 4K single-bit processors controlled by a general-purpose microcomputer through a dedicated interface. The system's architecture is overviewed, addressing the available prototype as well as the functional units currently under design. We provide examples of image analysis goals that can be efficiently reached using spatially-organized parallel architectures such as SIMD array and give measurements of present performances. Using code profiles we also evaluate the speedup associated with the configuration being designed.


Cucchiara, R.; Di Stefano, L.; Monacelli, M.; Piccardi, M.; Rustichelli, G. "Parallel vision subsystem for robotic inspection and manipulation" IECON Proceedings (Industrial Electronics Conference), vol. 2, Bologna, Italy,, pp. 862 -866 , 1994, 1994

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