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Transform, Warp, and Dress: A New Transformation-Guided Model for Virtual Try-On

Abstract: Virtual try-on has recently emerged in computer vision and multimedia communities with the development of architectures that can generate realistic images of a target person wearing a custom garment. This research interest is motivated by the large role played by e-commerce and online shopping in our society. Indeed, the virtual try-on task can offer many opportunities to improve the efficiency of preparing fashion catalogs and to enhance the online user experience. The problem is far to be solved: current architectures do not reach sufficient accuracy with respect to manually generated images and can only be trained on image pairs with a limited variety. Existing virtual try-on datasets have two main limits: they contain only female models, and all the images are available only in low resolution. This not only affects the generalization capabilities of the trained architectures but makes the deployment to real applications impractical. To overcome these issues, we present Dress Code, a new dataset for virtual try-on that contains high-resolution images of a large variety of upper-body clothes and both male and female models. Leveraging this enriched dataset, we propose a new model for virtual try-on capable of generating high-quality and photo-realistic images using a three-stage pipeline. The first two stages perform two different geometric transformations to warp the desired garment and make it fit into the target person's body pose and shape. Then, we generate the new image of that same person wearing the try-on garment using a generative network. We test the proposed solution on the most widely used dataset for this task as well as on our newly collected dataset and demonstrate its effectiveness when compared to current state-of-the-art methods. Through extensive analyses on our Dress Code dataset, we show the adaptability of our model, which can generate try-on images even with a higher resolution.


Fincato, Matteo; Cornia, Marcella; Landi, Federico; Cesari, Fabio; Cucchiara, Rita "Transform, Warp, and Dress: A New Transformation-Guided Model for Virtual Try-On" ACM TRANSACTIONS ON MULTIMEDIA COMPUTING, COMMUNICATIONS AND APPLICATIONS, vol. 18, pp. 1 -23 , 2022 DOI: 10.1145/3491226

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