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Optimized Block-based Connected Components Labeling with Decision Trees

Abstract: In this paper we define a new paradigm for 8-connection labeling, which employes a general approach to improve neighborhood exploration and minimizes the number of memory accesses. Firstly we exploit and extend the decision table formalism introducing OR-decision tables, in which multiple alternative actions are managed. An automatic procedure to synthesize the optimal decision tree from the decision table is used, providing the most effective conditions evaluation order. Secondly we propose a new scanning technique that moves on a 2x2 pixel grid over the image, which is optimized by the automatically generated decision tree.An extensive comparison with the state of art approaches is proposed, both on synthetic and real datasets. The synthetic dataset is composed of different sizes and densities random images, while the real datasets are an artistic image analysis dataset, a document analysis dataset for text detection and recognition, and finally a standard resolution dataset for picture segmentation tasks. The algorithm provides an impressive speedup over the state of the art algorithms.


Grana, Costantino; Borghesani, Daniele; Cucchiara, Rita "Optimized Block-based Connected Components Labeling with Decision Trees" IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON IMAGE PROCESSING, vol. 19 (6), pp. 1596 -1609 , 2010 DOI: 10.1109/TIP.2010.2044963

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