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Collaborative robot programming

Unlike conventional robots which require costly caging, specialized programming and extensive integration to execute a single task, a collaborative robot such as Baxter® can be quickly and easily trained and deployed as often as needed. The robot has been developed to direct collaborate with humans, learning from and interacting with them.

The research activity is carryed out in collaboration with the La.P.I.S. Robofacturing Design Lab.

Baxter - staff progetto

An interactive demo with Baxter has been presented during the "Notte dei ricercatori 2016" (see the Photogallery).

Research Team:

  • Davide Radeghieri
  • Mario Sposato
  • Andrea Genovesi
  • Luca Bergamini
  • Federico Betti
  • Michele Gadaleta
  • Margherita Peruzzini
  • Marcello Pellicciari
  • Roberto Vezzani


Video Demo

Research Activity Info