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ROAd Digital Sustainable Twins in Emilia-Romagna

ROADSTER aims at investigating and developing new state-of-the-art AI solutions in Computer Vision and Deep Learning for assessing a new framework of “Digital and Sustainable Twin” of the complex ecosystem of roads and transportation facilities in industrial areas. The proposal is very innovative as it shifts the focus from the classical “Smart city” environment to that of industrial production areas, which are very critical for our territory in terms of traffic intensity, pollution, and workers' safety.

The goal is to provide new data, processed online and off-line with new Italian Services regarding a) road conditions and anomalies around industrial sites, b) personalized services about traffic conditions for optimizing transport scheduling and c) the improvement of workers safety during their journeys to/from the workplace.

ROASTER has two key aspects: it aims to provide valuable scientific results in AI and will be a proof-of-concept of a very ambitious and largely scalable project to create an Italian answer in the management of mobility data, devoted to the support of industry production and of the ecological transition.

Presentation of the results

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01/01/2022 - 28/02/2023

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iFAB - International Foundation Big Data and Artificial Intelligence for Human Development

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