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Visor: Video Surveillance Online Repository

Abstract: Aim of the Visor Project [1] is to gather and makefreely available a repository of surveillance andvideo footages for the research community onpattern recognition and multimedia retrieval. Thegoal is to create an open forum and a free repositoryto exchange, compare and discuss results of manyproblems in video surveillance and retrieval.Together with the videos, the repository containsmetadata annotation, both manually annotated asground-truth and automatically obtained by videosurveillance systems. Annotation refers to a largeontology of concepts on surveillance and securityrelated objects and events. The ontology has beendefined including concepts from LSCOM andMediaMill ontologies. As well as videos andannotations, Visor provides tools for enriching theontology, annotating new videos, searching bytextual queries, composing and downloading videos.


Vezzani, Roberto; Cucchiara, Rita "Visor: Video Surveillance Online Repository" Proceedings of BMVA symposium on Security and surveillance: performance evaluation, vol. 1, London, UK, pp. - -- , 13 december 2007, 2007

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