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Steering wheel's angle tracking from camera-car

Abstract: This paper proposes a general-purpose method to trackthe steering wheel’s absolute angle by using a single camera vision system mounted inside the car. The approachis based on the modeling of the motion of thesteering wheel, as it appears perspectively distorted bythe point of view of the un-calibrated camera. We modifiedthe Lucas-Kanade method for an approzimativelyrotational motion model in order to provide the detectionand tracking of significant features on the wheel.The experimental results are compared with ground-trutheddata obtained with different types of sensors.


Cucchiara, Rita; Prati, Andrea; F., Vigetti "Steering wheel's angle tracking from camera-car" Proceedings of IV 2003, Columbus, OH, USA, pp. 406 -409 , 9-11 June 2003, 2003

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