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Segmentation of Moving Objects at Frame Rate: A Dedicated Hardware Solution

Abstract: Many works in image processing concern segmentation of moving objects in sequence of images. This problem is particularly critical, since it represents the first step of many complex processes of computer vision, for applications like object tracking, video-surveillance, monitoring, and autonomous navigation. In such applications, both real-time and low-cost requirements should be satisfied.To this aim we propose a dedicated hardware solution, based on reconfigurable logic, that provides motion detection and moving objects segmentation at framerate.


Cucchiara, Rita; P., Onfiani; Prati, Andrea; Scarabottolo, Nello "Segmentation of Moving Objects at Frame Rate: A Dedicated Hardware Solution" Proceedings of IEE Conf. on Image Processing and its Applications, vol. 1, Manchester, UK, pp. 138 -142 , 13-15 July 1999, 1999

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