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Scene detection in Broadcast Videos

Nowadays there is a strong interest in the re-use of video content coming from major broadcasting networks, which have been producing high quality edited videos for popular science purposes, such as documentaries and similar programs. Unfortunately, re-using videos in ones own presentations or video aided lectures is not an easy task, and requires video editing skills and tools, on top of the difficulty of finding the parts of videos which effectively contain the specific content the instructor is interested in. Story detection has been recognized as a tool which effectively may help in this situation, going beyond frames and even beyond simple editing units, such as shots. The task is to identify coherent sequences in videos, without any help from the editor or publisher. Our final goal is an improved access to broadcast video footage and a possible re-use of the huge available video content with the direct management of user-selected video-clips.

NeuralStory Demo interface

We are working towards a complete pipeline for story detection, that includes a shot detection algorithm and new approaches for grouping shots into coherent stories. We have also tackled the problem of evaluating story segmentation results, by proposing an improved performance measure, which solves frequently observed cases in which the numeric interpretation would be quite different from the expected results.

Scene-based retrieval

We also propose a retrieval pipeline for video collections, which aims to retrieve the most significant parts of an edited video for a given query, and represent them with thumbnails which are at the same time semantically meaningful and aesthetically remarkable. Videos are segmented into coherent and story-telling scenes, then a retrieval algorithm based on deep learning retrieves the most significant scenes for a textual query. A ranking strategy based on deep features is also used to tackle the problem of visualizing the best thumbnail.

Slides from the ICMR 2016 oral presentation

Demo interface

NeuralStory: an interactive Multimedia System for Video Indexing and Re-use

Datasets and Source Code


We acknowledge the CINECA award under the ISCRA initiative, for the availability of high performance computing resources and support.


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