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Video Captioning

Automatically describing a video in natural language is an important challenge for computer vision and machine learning. This task, called video captioning, is a crucial achievement towards machine intelligence and also the support of a number of potential applications. Indeed, bringing together vision and language, video captioning can be leveraged for video retrieval, to enhance content search on video sharing and streaming platforms, as well as to generate  automatic subtitles and to help visually impaired people to get an insight of the content of a video



The use of Recurrent Neural Networks for video captioning has recently gained a lot of attention, since they can be used both to encode the input video and to generate the corresponding description. We recently developed a recurrent video encoding scheme which can discover and leverage the hierarchical structure of the video. Unlike the classical encoder-decoder approach, in which a video is encoded continuously by a recurrent layer, we propose a novel LSTM cell, which can identify discontinuity points between frames or segments and modify the temporal connections of the encoding layer accordingly.
We evaluate our approach on three large-scale datasets: the Montreal Video Annotation dataset, the MPII Movie Description dataset and the Microsoft Video Description Corpus. Experiments show that our approach can discover appropriate hierarchical representations of input videos and improve the state of the art results on movie description datasets.



Hierarchical Boundary-Aware Neural Encoder for Video Captioning

L. Baraldi, C. Grana, R.Cucchiara

CVPR 2017


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