School Program (download)

Lectures Sessions:

May 17:

9.30-10.00    :  School Opening (Rita Cucchiara Imagelab Group Director,  Faculty of Engineering "Enzo Ferrari", Modena Italy)

10.00-13.00    :  Multiple Camera Extension (Andrea Cavallaro Multimedia Signal Processing Group, Queen Mary University London UK)

14.30-18.00    :  Object Tracking Techniques (Jiri Matas Center for Machine Perception Department of Cybernetics Faculty of Electrical Engineering Czech Technical University, Prague Czech Republic)

May 18:

10.00-13.00       :  Video Analytics Applications (Marcel Worring Intelligent Systems Lab Amsterdam Forensic Intelligence Team Leader, University of Amsterdam Netherlands)

14.30-16.00     :  Facial Behavior Understanding (Maja Pantic Intelligent Behavior Understanding Group, Imperial College London UK)

May 19:

10.00-13.00       :  Introduction to VS System (Steve Russo IBM Director of Security and Privacy Technology, IBM Global Technology Services, USA)

14.30-18.00      :  Crowd Analysis (Mubarak Shah Computer Vision Lab, University Of Central Florida, Orlando USA)

Lab Sessions:

May 17:

18.00-20.00    :  Lab Session on  "Person Re-identification: a recent issue for the video surveillance community and a technique for approaching it" (Loris Bazzani and Marco Cristani, University of Verona, Italy)

May 19:

18.00-20.00    :  Lab Session on  "Object Detection through Monte Carlo Sampling techniques" (Giovanni Gualdi, University of Modena, Italy)

Satellite Events:

May 18:

16.00-20.00    :  Visit 2011: Workshop on Video Surveillance reseearch in ITaly (Chair Alfredo Petrosino University of Naples Parthenope, Italy)


Event organized and promoted by Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Group, Imagelab  University of Modena and Reggio Emilia